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Meat is not only an essential part to a daily meal, but it is delicious too! There’s no better way to get your daily source of protein than with a fine steak. For all occasions and special moments, dine at our authentic steak and seafood grill in Bend, OR.

We offer only the best cuts for you to enjoy with your meal. Whether it is a company meal, drinks & dinner with some friends, or birthday dinners, we cater to each with our expansive menu. Our phenomenal seafood menu will give your taste buds a blast of flavor as they are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Like our delicious steaks, our drinks will also never disappoint, so with our greatest pleasure we invite you to enjoy these savory meals.

Stop by for some steaks, pasta dishes and cocktails. High Tides Seafood Grill in Bend, OR, is one of the best restaurants in the area.